Welcome to TotalPc.

Is your computer not performing well, popups or search redirects happening? Or maybe you need to backup your valuble items before it is too late. TotalPc can help you. We perform service calls for Northern ohio, for business or residential. Over the phone support is available as well.

You may need a tuneup or virus removal service call, these can imediately increase the speed and stability of your computer.  Upgrading more memory or storage is no problem, customers have seen a huge improvement in their pc's performance.

I also offer custom/refurbished computers and laptops at great prices. Sometimes putting money into your old computer may not be the right choice. Most of my refurbished computers cost less than $175. These pc's come with Windows 7 and 2gb of ram, upgrades are available.

Other services would include:

  • Wireless and wired network installation
  • Multiple computer/workstation networking
  • Virus removal/protection
  • Backup options
  • Fine tuning programs to run properly
  • Cabling, installation, setup of peripheral equipment (printer, fax...)
  • Website consultation/design
  • Training/tutoring on Windows or Microsoft Office programs.

For remote support: click on the remote button at the bottom of this page.

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If your looking to have a website of your own contact me or click here for one of the types of sites I create.

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Disclaimer: Work performed onsite or remotely will be invoiced at time of services provided. Payments are due upon completion of services. Any payments that are past due will incure late charges.