Do it Yourself
Protect Your PC: Five-Step Guide
  1. Secure your e-mail client against running unwanted scripts.   
  2. Scan your computers at least weekly to make sure they aren't harboring viruses or worms.
  3. Keep your AntiVirus software up-to-date.
  4. Avoid running attachments (especially .EXE files) that come in your e-mail, even if they come from your friends, relatives or colleagues. The warped minds now writing e-mail viruses will do their best to lure you into running their viruses and worms by making them look like love letters, jokes or pornography. Once you or one of your friends succumbs to this temptation, the script will mail itself to everyone on that computer's address list.
  5. Make frequent backups of your data files, and keep some of your backups out of your computer. We like to use flash drives, or you can burn CD-R backup discs on a regular schedule; CD-RW and Zip discs also work well.

If your computer does succumb to a virus infection, you can find help at any anti-virus vendor. In many cases, the vendor will have free cleanup programs that you can download. Clean your computer as quickly as possible and break the chain! Keep the phone number of your anti-virus software support desk where you can find it when needed.

Have TotalPc perform a tune-up: Onsite or over the phone. We can get your PC up and running again.


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