Virus, Parasite and Hoax Information Links

    Virus Information

    Computer Associates   general information
    F-Secure   general information
    Grisoft   general information
    Virus Bulletin   list of viruses reported 'in the wild' recently

    Parasite Information

    Harolds Home   general parasite information

    Hoax Information

    F-secure   general virus hoax information
    Stiller Research   virus hoaxes and other annoying misinformation


    Grisoft   AVG free (for 1 PC) anti-virus software
    LavaSoft   Ad-Aware free (for non-commercial use) anti-parasite software
    Zone Labs   ZoneAlarm free personal internet firewall
    ISCA Labs   antivirus software certification
    Virus Bulletin   antivirus software score charts

    Security Checks

    MultiProxy   browser anonymity check page


    The sites linked are for my convenience. Inclusion of a link to a site on this page is not an endorsement of that site or any products or software available from it, nor does it imply any warranty of the specified software, nor does it imply any association with the owner of the site. I will not be liable for any damage done as a result of following any of these links.

    That said, all have been of use to me at some time and as far as I know are operated in a responsible manner.

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